March 23, 2011

Heading Back to Asheville for a Bit:

Ra and I are packing up our car and heading back to Asheville for a few months.  We’ll be back in New England for the Summer.  The longer we’re married the more nomadic we’re getting.  It’s gotten to the point where we’re so restless that we can’t sit still for more than a few months.  I like it.  I’m excited to go back to Asheville for the Spring.  The flowers in Western North Carolina are incredible.  I even miss our crummy house there that we gutted and are nearly finished re-doing.  I complained about it so much while we were there too!
Here are a few of my favorite things in Asheville:

Harvest Records

This is my favorite record store in the world.  They just expanded too!  The owners Mark and Matt are as friendly and unpretentious as they come.  I have a load and a half of respect for them.

Shortstreet Cakes

We used to have a studio in the River Arts District right down the street from Jodi’s cupcakery and Strawberry Short Street is pink heaven.  Also the Ashevelvet (red velvet no gross dyes) is near perfect.

Early Girl Eatery

Oh man Biscuits and Herb Gravy.  This is my favorite comfort food in the city, one of the first places we ate when we moved to AVL and has a ridiculously good red velvet cake sometimes. (plenty of gross red dye…so good.)



October 18, 2009

Any suggestions on what to name our vintage trailer?Need a mattress?

Need a mattress?

We’ve been tearing out the innards of our beautiful aluminum submarine. I’d like to draw attention to the orderliness of the trash pile we pulled from that metal slug. It’s without a doubt the most orderly trash pile I’ve ever been involved in creating. Hooray!
broken_barnWe stacked all the refuse in front of the barn.  Ra took this photo of the overhang our barn had once upon a time.  Now a mutant Honeysuckle has crippled it. There’s a live animal trap under there too…yuck.  No animal at least.

I love that the small piece of land we bought includes a tiny barn! There’s something magical and wholesome about a barn in disrepair.  As you may know, someday we’ll build a house on our land. Renovating the barn was our initial plan, but it would probably be cheaper/easier to build a new, simple home. Keeping the barn would make me happy. I’d love to fix it up enough to use for storage. Just having it on the land makes me smile.

If you dare brave tetanus, spiders and wasps you can climb through the wreckage of the overhang and into the second floor of the barn which is in surprisingly good shape. It’s beautiful in there. Sun shines through slatted wood that’s decades old. There are dozens of hornet and wasp nests along the ceiling, but they weren’t a problem, showing no interest in me whatsoever when I went in last.

We’re sifting through flooring options. Cork or bamboo would be lovely, but we’re not sure we want to drop 500-800 bucks on the flooring alone. We are doing this to save money after all, so we’re keeping an eye out for remnant hardwood on CL and the Habitat for Humanity store.

I think “The Slug” is a nice name.


August 1, 2009

tiny mtns CD Release Party (and 1 st show under new name) Nearly Sold Out!

Photo by Rich Orris

Photo by Rich Orris

Thanks to everyone who came out to Club Passim on Thursday night and made my EP release/Grinding Tapes Showcase incredibly warm, and fun and cozy.  The sing-alongs were fabulous.  We were 10 people away from selling out the show!  I was so heartened by the experience and am excited about my show at Middle East-Up in Cambridge, MA on Sunday Aug. 23rd at 9pm w/ Manners, The Points North,  Dreamtigers (mem. of Ambitions and tiny mtns!)  This is Dreamtiger’s first show too! Be sure not to miss them. You’ll be hearing more about them in the future, and their upcoming release will be digitally released by Grinding Tapes, so we’ll be label mates!

BUY TICKETS NOW for the Mideast-Up.  This show might sell out!!!
Oh and if you haven’t ordered my new EP yet you can here.

Here’s a few more photo’s taken by my buddy Rich Orris at Club Passim.  I’ll post a track or two from the live recording soon too!

My new and much improved autoharp makes its debut.

My new and much improved autoharp makes its debut.

Samantha Hale & Jake Woodruff make up tiny mtns' band for the coming spat of shows. We love eachother.

Samantha Hale & Jake Woodruff make up tiny mtns' band for the coming spat of shows. We love eachother.

We received some good press for the show: (more to come!)

Ryan’s Smashing Life
Cheap Thrills Boston
Enough Cowbell
All Boston Blog


July 9, 2009

I’m playing a sweet show in Asheville.  Yup, that’s where I live , and it’s at my favorite venue in the whole wide world! The Grey Eagle.

Here’s the info:

Sat. July 18th – 9pm
@ The Grey Eagle w/ Tractenburg Family

Opening for Danielson sans PA at The Greagle.

Opening for Danielson sans PA at The Greagle.

I’d love to see you at the show!

Here’s a list of reasons why I love The Grey Eagle:

1.) I’ve seen Silver Mt. Zion, John Vanderslice, Mtn. Goats, Danielson and more there.
2.) Great sound
3.) Best fried green tomatoes I’ve ever eaten!
4.) Local beer

Oh, Tractenburg Family Slideshow Players collect  slides from yard sales and such and write songs about them.  They’re also a real family.  I think their drummer is 12!  So that’s pretty cool.

Here’s a video of the last show I played at The Greagle opening for Danielson Famile (I only open for family bands now):