March 15, 2011


My dear friend Matthew Nutter made these sweet shirts & posters with citrus.  They’re real breezy.  They’ll be for sale soon.



March 14, 2011

Check out these unreleased songs we played at a couple of nights ago in Boston.  I’ve been working non-stop on writing, arranging and re-arranging new songs for future shows and albums.  Also, I can’t stop listening to Jay Z and drinking yogurt drinks.  <–True life right there.  Yup, that’s Chris of The Points North singing and playing bass with me.  In other news, Rhonda will soon be playing in tiny at shows!

New autoharp, new technique, new beats, new people, new recordings?  SOON.



May 20, 2010

New Recordings!

I’ve been aloof for a while not because I stopped loving you but because I’ve been working hard and sleeping little.  It’s been wonderful.  wifeRhonda and I have been overwhelmed in a good way between our business Figs & Ginger, traveling and making things…like songs!

I’ve got two new songs for you to hear.  I recorded them in NC with Scott Solter who’s worked with some of my favorite bands including John Vanderslice, Mountain Goats, Spoon, Superchunk and Liam Singer.  His studio is a wonderous space crammed with more analog oddities than a Decemberists show.  Many of the effects you hear on these tracks were crafted by Scott with tape and wires and knobs galore.

In these recordings I play autoharp, vibraphone, bass, Hammond chord organ, glocenspiel, guitar and floor toms/rimshots/cowbells/tambourines/a bigass marching drum/stickclicks/HUPS!  I’m aiming to make sunshiny folk pop w/ reggae and rootsmusic influenced rhythms.  Solter dubbed out bits of the songs with damaged tape distortion and stutter/fluttering echoes.  This is most noticable in the song Small Towns.  Both tracks were mastered by TW Walsh of Pedro the Lion fame.

I’m making rules and following them. I’m thinking things through. I’m proud these songs.  Please check them out at my new Bandcamp page: http://tinymtns.bandcamp.com

Also, East Coast tour dates announced soon.


October 27, 2009

A writer from The Boston Globe interviewed me yesterday for an article that he’s working on about Grinding Tapes Recording Co. If you’re not familiar, GTRC is Boston based label that releases my music.  Run by my buddy Jason Rozen, it’s a wonderfully DIY, little label that puts out limited runs of some fabulous artists often times housed in handmade packaging.  Portions of proceeds go to charity and Jason takes next to no money for the work he puts in. We’ve been friends since highschool. Oh and he gave me a kidney when I got sick! Yup, that’s the kind of guy he is…The Globe article should be out in Friday’s paper.  I’ll keep you posted.

I found some photo’s from my transplant on an old Picasa album I forgot about. This was one of my nurses. I know right?! She pulled out my catheter. I’m going to go ahead and call that 3rd base. I’ve forgotten her name…cause I’m a player.

hot nurse

Check those tracks on my arms/neck!


October 26, 2009

Rhonda and I are in the new Levi’s ad campaign!
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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A few months ago I was nearly asleep in my backyard around midnight. I had brought a blanket and pillows out to the hammock, prepared for a slumber party with the fireflies. My snooze was interrupted when my friend Kimberly called and said, “Hey there’s these cool folks working for Levi’s new ad campaign and they want to do a story on you and Rhonda and Figs. Come over to Sky Bar!”

Well, Ra and I went to Skybar and hit it off with the folks from Duck Duck Collective, a group of BFF’s from Lynchburg, VA who take stunning photo’s/videos, and they spent the entirety of the following day following Rhonda and I around with cameras, asking us questions and zooming in on Crashdog. Duck Duck was hired by Levi’s to travel the Eastern Seaboard to document the New America. They chose to focus on many great, tender communities where us Millennials are thriving and sharing.

What I love about this short film is Duck Duck’s choice to explore characters that are working towards becoming what they love. In most cases in the film they are working with their group of friends to create something beautiful…or at least healthy…which is beautiful.

Anyway, this summer I played a show at Duck Duck’s incredible loft space in downtown Lynchburg. John, Ally and Matt of Duck Duck are some of the most warm, generous folks we’ve stumbled into, so the show was lovingly planned and incredibly executed. There were glow sticks hanging around the entire loft space from the rafters. With the lights off it was magical, and they streamed the entire show. It seemed like every hipster in Lynchburg showed up. We bought cheap beer and let everyone drink it, Jake had a bit too much and barfed everywhere late at night. All in all tiny mtns went to Lynchburg and had a ton of fun. I seriously think about those guys (and girl) all the time and can’t wait to hang out with them in the future. I’ll try and find some pictures from that show.

This film will be shown in San Francisco on October 17th and NYC on October 22nd.

Rhonda’s been blogging about this and other fascinating adventures in our life at http://figsblog.wordpress.com.  Check it out!


October 18, 2009

Any suggestions on what to name our vintage trailer?Need a mattress?

Need a mattress?

We’ve been tearing out the innards of our beautiful aluminum submarine. I’d like to draw attention to the orderliness of the trash pile we pulled from that metal slug. It’s without a doubt the most orderly trash pile I’ve ever been involved in creating. Hooray!
broken_barnWe stacked all the refuse in front of the barn.  Ra took this photo of the overhang our barn had once upon a time.  Now a mutant Honeysuckle has crippled it. There’s a live animal trap under there too…yuck.  No animal at least.

I love that the small piece of land we bought includes a tiny barn! There’s something magical and wholesome about a barn in disrepair.  As you may know, someday we’ll build a house on our land. Renovating the barn was our initial plan, but it would probably be cheaper/easier to build a new, simple home. Keeping the barn would make me happy. I’d love to fix it up enough to use for storage. Just having it on the land makes me smile.

If you dare brave tetanus, spiders and wasps you can climb through the wreckage of the overhang and into the second floor of the barn which is in surprisingly good shape. It’s beautiful in there. Sun shines through slatted wood that’s decades old. There are dozens of hornet and wasp nests along the ceiling, but they weren’t a problem, showing no interest in me whatsoever when I went in last.

We’re sifting through flooring options. Cork or bamboo would be lovely, but we’re not sure we want to drop 500-800 bucks on the flooring alone. We are doing this to save money after all, so we’re keeping an eye out for remnant hardwood on CL and the Habitat for Humanity store.

I think “The Slug” is a nice name.


October 17, 2009

1/4 of a hundred!

Tonight I open for David Dondero in the small town of Rutherfordton, NC.  If you’re not familiar with Double D’s work give him a listen.  NPR’s named him among the greatest songwriters alive, and he was highschool friends with my buddy Stephen.

Here’s the show info:
10/17/2009 6:00 PM at Brood Awakenings w/ David Donderro
213 North Main Street, Rutherfordton, North Carolina 28139