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GTRC & tiny mtns in the Boston Globe

tiny mtns has played with:

John Vanderslice
Damian Jurado
David Bazaan
Vic Chesnutt
Kind of Like Spitting
State Radio
Jason Anderson

tiny mtns are small comfort!
Asheville/Boston based tiny mtns sings sunshiny pop songs on top of autoharp, harmonies, vibes, bass, thumps! and rimshots.   Songwriter Elijah Wyman’s lyrical wit and songcraft have been praised by critics such as, Performer, Pop Matters, The Wire, and The Noise.  His themed releases (often limited and in elaborate packaging) have garnered favorable comparisons to indie hero, Sufjan Stevens.

Currently Wyman is recording with producer Scott Solter.  Solter has worked with artists such as Spoon, John Vanderslice, Mountain Goats, Superchunk and loads more.  Together they are trying their hardest to make music that is heavy rotation worthy, organic and fun influenced by folk and dub.

Elijah and his wife Rhonda own a jewelry & design company called Figs & Ginger.  They travel all over the country selling things they make at indie craft shows and singing songs.  They are terribly happy together.  tiny mtns reflects this with it’s rhythmic, chunky autoharp, apposing bass and drums and borderline syrupy narrative.


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