May 20, 2010

New Recordings!

I’ve been aloof for a while not because I stopped loving you but because I’ve been working hard and sleeping little.  It’s been wonderful.  wifeRhonda and I have been overwhelmed in a good way between our business Figs & Ginger, traveling and making things…like songs!

I’ve got two new songs for you to hear.  I recorded them in NC with Scott Solter who’s worked with some of my favorite bands including John Vanderslice, Mountain Goats, Spoon, Superchunk and Liam Singer.  His studio is a wonderous space crammed with more analog oddities than a Decemberists show.  Many of the effects you hear on these tracks were crafted by Scott with tape and wires and knobs galore.

In these recordings I play autoharp, vibraphone, bass, Hammond chord organ, glocenspiel, guitar and floor toms/rimshots/cowbells/tambourines/a bigass marching drum/stickclicks/HUPS!  I’m aiming to make sunshiny folk pop w/ reggae and rootsmusic influenced rhythms.  Solter dubbed out bits of the songs with damaged tape distortion and stutter/fluttering echoes.  This is most noticable in the song Small Towns.  Both tracks were mastered by TW Walsh of Pedro the Lion fame.

I’m making rules and following them. I’m thinking things through. I’m proud these songs.  Please check them out at my new Bandcamp page: http://tinymtns.bandcamp.com

Also, East Coast tour dates announced soon.


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