October 27, 2009

A writer from The Boston Globe interviewed me yesterday for an article that he’s working on about Grinding Tapes Recording Co. If you’re not familiar, GTRC is Boston based label that releases my music.  Run by my buddy Jason Rozen, it’s a wonderfully DIY, little label that puts out limited runs of some fabulous artists often times housed in handmade packaging.  Portions of proceeds go to charity and Jason takes next to no money for the work he puts in. We’ve been friends since highschool. Oh and he gave me a kidney when I got sick! Yup, that’s the kind of guy he is…The Globe article should be out in Friday’s paper.  I’ll keep you posted.

I found some photo’s from my transplant on an old Picasa album I forgot about. This was one of my nurses. I know right?! She pulled out my catheter. I’m going to go ahead and call that 3rd base. I’ve forgotten her name…cause I’m a player.

hot nurse

Check those tracks on my arms/neck!

3 Responses to “28.”

  1. elijahwyman Says:

    What can I say, we’re a happy couple.

  2. Manny Arango Says:

    You’re a funny dude… I’m sure you know that but… I’m just sayin. The comment about your nurse had me on the floor.

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