October 26, 2009

Rhonda and I are in the new Levi’s ad campaign!
Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Short Film – Levi’s “Go Forth” on Vimeo“, posted with vodpod

A few months ago I was nearly asleep in my backyard around midnight. I had brought a blanket and pillows out to the hammock, prepared for a slumber party with the fireflies. My snooze was interrupted when my friend Kimberly called and said, “Hey there’s these cool folks working for Levi’s new ad campaign and they want to do a story on you and Rhonda and Figs. Come over to Sky Bar!”

Well, Ra and I went to Skybar and hit it off with the folks from Duck Duck Collective, a group of BFF’s from Lynchburg, VA who take stunning photo’s/videos, and they spent the entirety of the following day following Rhonda and I around with cameras, asking us questions and zooming in on Crashdog. Duck Duck was hired by Levi’s to travel the Eastern Seaboard to document the New America. They chose to focus on many great, tender communities where us Millennials are thriving and sharing.

What I love about this short film is Duck Duck’s choice to explore characters that are working towards becoming what they love. In most cases in the film they are working with their group of friends to create something beautiful…or at least healthy…which is beautiful.

Anyway, this summer I played a show at Duck Duck’s incredible loft space in downtown Lynchburg. John, Ally and Matt of Duck Duck are some of the most warm, generous folks we’ve stumbled into, so the show was lovingly planned and incredibly executed. There were glow sticks hanging around the entire loft space from the rafters. With the lights off it was magical, and they streamed the entire show. It seemed like every hipster in Lynchburg showed up. We bought cheap beer and let everyone drink it, Jake had a bit too much and barfed everywhere late at night. All in all tiny mtns went to Lynchburg and had a ton of fun. I seriously think about those guys (and girl) all the time and can’t wait to hang out with them in the future. I’ll try and find some pictures from that show.

This film will be shown in San Francisco on October 17th and NYC on October 22nd.

Rhonda’s been blogging about this and other fascinating adventures in our life at http://figsblog.wordpress.com.  Check it out!


One Response to “27.”

  1. Manny Arango Says:

    I’m planning to post this video on my blog. It was truly inspirational.

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