October 18, 2009

Any suggestions on what to name our vintage trailer?Need a mattress?

Need a mattress?

We’ve been tearing out the innards of our beautiful aluminum submarine. I’d like to draw attention to the orderliness of the trash pile we pulled from that metal slug. It’s without a doubt the most orderly trash pile I’ve ever been involved in creating. Hooray!
broken_barnWe stacked all the refuse in front of the barn.  Ra took this photo of the overhang our barn had once upon a time.  Now a mutant Honeysuckle has crippled it. There’s a live animal trap under there too…yuck.  No animal at least.

I love that the small piece of land we bought includes a tiny barn! There’s something magical and wholesome about a barn in disrepair.  As you may know, someday we’ll build a house on our land. Renovating the barn was our initial plan, but it would probably be cheaper/easier to build a new, simple home. Keeping the barn would make me happy. I’d love to fix it up enough to use for storage. Just having it on the land makes me smile.

If you dare brave tetanus, spiders and wasps you can climb through the wreckage of the overhang and into the second floor of the barn which is in surprisingly good shape. It’s beautiful in there. Sun shines through slatted wood that’s decades old. There are dozens of hornet and wasp nests along the ceiling, but they weren’t a problem, showing no interest in me whatsoever when I went in last.

We’re sifting through flooring options. Cork or bamboo would be lovely, but we’re not sure we want to drop 500-800 bucks on the flooring alone. We are doing this to save money after all, so we’re keeping an eye out for remnant hardwood on CL and the Habitat for Humanity store.

I think “The Slug” is a nice name.


One Response to “26.”

  1. William Says:

    Wow! Awesome picture of you’re trailer! Got one just like it. Going to redo the interior. Slug is a very cool name, its hard to find something original. Still thinking of a name for mine.

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