October 15, 2009

Future Home!

Our new 25 ft. 1967 Avion

Our new 25 ft. 1967 Avion. Photo by Rich Orris.

Ra and I have been the busiest beavers in the whole dammed river.  So we were in Washington DC for Crafty Bastards about a week ago.  Figs made bank and had we an awesome time which is besides the point, but Rhonda had a great idea.  Here’s how the conversation went:

“Let’s sell our house and live in an Airstream trailer for a while.  We can pay off all of our debt, and it will be fun!”

“Alright!” <–that’s me.

When we got home we found the trailer you see above and bought it for $1,200.  We’re going to completely gut it and rebuild it into a cute little place to live!  I’m terribly excited about this project.

Seperate beds!

Seperate beds!

So my buddy Lee and I ripped out the fridge and the heater while our respective wives looked on.  It was fun, but now there’s a pile of garbage on our land.  I would be more concerned about appearances if our neighbor hadn’t left a toilet half buried on our land before selling it to us…oh and one time he lit a futon on fire on our property while we were gone.  That makes it sound bad, but he’s really a nice guy.

Looking for something to eat.

Looking for something to eat.

There are magnets on the ceiling of the camper that hold the cabinets open!  I love that! Too bad most of those cabinets will have to go away.  I’ll post more as we fix it up!

Oh and Ra posted more pics on the Figs & Ginger blog.  Check it out!




One Response to “24.”

  1. Terry Bone Says:

    Bob Muncy just wrote a good book on Silver Avions. You might consider picking it up to understand the history behind your new trailer.


    I have a 1957 Avion R26 and love it. You’ve got yourself a gem!

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