September 22, 2009

Future tiny tours!

I’m booking a few tiny tours, and the best part is that they’re in conjunction with traveling for Figs & Ginger.  Which means that Rhonda will be along for the ride!  She can’t reaaaally drive stick so I do most (read all) of the driving.  Her company is worth it though.  Anyway, I figured I’d post the dates that I’m working on up.  If you want to book me for a show on any of these dates e-mail me.  I’m also always booking shows in the South.  NC, SC, TN, VA, and GA shows are always welcome.  I’d be super grateful!  ElijahWyman (at) gmail . com

Dec. 5th/6th – Seattle, WA
Dec. 8th/9th – Vancouver, BC
Dec. 11th/12th – Pittsburgh, PA

Jan. 21st – Asheville, NC
Jan. 22nd – Lynchburg, VA
Jan. 23rd – Charlottesville, VA
Jan. 24th – Washington DC
Jan. 25 – Baltimore, MD
Jan. 26th – Philadelphia, PA
Jan. 27th – NYC/BKLYN
Jan. 29th – Portsmouth, NH
Jan. 30 – Boston, MA


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