May 19, 2009

I had this conversation with my friend Samantha last night.  She and I go way back.  We were in a Ska band together in High School!  She’s an amazing multi-instrumentalist who graduated from Berklee.   She’s played on nearly every album I’ve released and toured with me.  As a musical therapist she travels around to Boston hospitals and brightens the day of sick people.  I don’t think she’s mediocre.

samantha: yo
12:15 AM me: hey sam.
samantha: so, crazy thing
me: ok.
12:17 AM samantha: i have been frustrated with myself lately. maybe frustrated is not the word. feeling i am just kind of moving along, not going anyway in particular. and my main thought has been “man, am i just living a mediocre life?” so, that has been bugging me.
me: yeah.  i feel like that too.
samantha: theeeeeeen i read your blog. thought your subject line to your blog was funny.
12:19 AM me: thanks.
i’m making lists
and posting them online.
me: so if I don’t fulfill the list…public humiliation.

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