May 17, 2009

I found this online.

Of course I Google myself.  Don’t you?

No.  It’s not weird.

Well, I think it’s really sweet to be included in a prayer.


5 Responses to “2.”

  1. wearebarabbas Says:

    whoaaaaa, haha, hi, I am a fan.

  2. elijahwyman Says:

    Thanks so much for mentioning me!

  3. wearebarabbas Says:

    no probs, I go to RISD and i heard you play here sometimes, do you think you’ll be delighting us with your presence again?

  4. elijahwyman Says:

    That depends on if a student or student organization books me. Sometimes I play in Providence at The Armory or AS220 too.

    If you know anyone that helps set up campus events I’d love to play RISD. My wife went there. What are you studying?

  5. wearebarabbas Says:

    mmm I see. providence sounds good too. I’m a freshmen but I’m going to be studying graphic design. right now though, I’m just trying to get through with finals.

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